World of Harry Potter: Reveal & Duel
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World of Harry Potter: Reveal & Duel

World of Harry Potter: Reveal & Duel


Published: July 19, 2019 1 0 981
By: Aashika Vasra Thirukkonda Ramesh, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Game Development
Hashtags: #Game #GameDevelopment #JAVA

The name of this game is "World of Harry Potter - Reveal & Duel". This game has 2 types of levels - Reveal and Duel. In reveal, the player answers a set of questions and unlocks an object, whose name is to be guessed. While in duel, the player fights against an opponent to win. It is made as a single player game and hence, the player plays both for himself and his opponent. This is a JAVA stand-alone application.

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