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Published: May 18, 2018 0 0 734
By: Cameron Bavol, California State University-San Marcos
Category: Marketing & Advertising
Hashtags: #Advertisement #Advertising #Copywriting #Design #Marketing

Enhance brand/product image.
Build meaningful relationships with consumers to increase brand loyalty and engagement.
Highlight the value added by the product in consumers' lives.

Summary: Whirlpool wanted to get away from the “cold metal” association with the appliance industry. Their goal was to create a more emotional bond between consumer and appliance. The idea created was to demonstrate the happy moments appliances can create in families lives. 

Thought Process: In a family, children are the center and bring about joy in their innocence. By demonstrating a way that an appliance could be used to bring joy to a child, it would in turn create a moment for that parent to see the child’s heartwarming look of joy.

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