Tribute Page: Louis Pasteur
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Tribute Page: Louis Pasteur

Tribute Page: Louis Pasteur


Published: June 14, 2019 0 0 489
By: Quang Nguyen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Web Design
Hashtags: #1 #CSS #freecodecamp #Html #ResponsiveDesign #Web #Webdesign #Website

freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Project #1

Simple tribute web page. This page design applied basic HTML and CSS knowledge and follow freeCodeCamp's responsive and accessibility web design guidelines. This is my first of the five projects required for the certification.

As this is my first hands-on project, the web page still contains some visual bugs when resizing the view port and viewing the page on smaller sized displays. Also, color choices does not seems to be appropriate for visual impaired viewers. These problems will be addressed on later projects.

View my tribute page project.