Portfolium Overview Workshop With TLC
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Portfolium Overview Workshop With TLC

Portfolium Overview Workshop With TLC


Published: October 15, 2015 0 0 1K
By: Cesarina Lucarelli Thouin, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Leadership
Hashtags: #Communication #Community #Service #TLC_2015

As campus representative for Portfolium I offered to present to the Tukwut Leadership Circle's (TLC) peer leaders an overview of how their students can utilize their eportfolio to showcase their accomplishments and efforts in completing the program.
The TLC program gives students the opportunity to learn and explore leadership concepts through real life experiences, both on and off campus, so that they can better understand themselves as unique individuals. The program takes approximately 30 hours to complete and must be completed within one year, but many students complete the program in one semester!
My experience presenting to peer leaders of TLC was absolutely incredible and I felt a sense of community through the help I was offering them and their willingness to be engaged in the conversation.

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