Published Articles for The Cougar Chronicle
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Published Articles for The Cougar Chronicle

Published Articles for The Cougar Chronicle


Published: March 22, 2019 0 0 162
By: Mekala Lehmunn, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Journalism
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These are the various articles I have written as a staff writer for California State University San Marcos' independent, student-run newspaper The Cougar Chronicle. I began working for the paper in February, 2019 as a staff writer and have so far written articles for the Opinion, Arts and Entertainment (A&E) and News sections.

Recently I have also begun helping the assistant A&E editors review and modify submitted A&E articles at my editor's request. She and two others are busy serving as Editors-in Chief in the graduating editor's stead so she promoted one of the assistant A&E editors to editor and me to Assistant A&E Editor. I will perform this role for the rest of the semester, and hopefully next year as well.

In addition to these writing and editing duties, I also review each draft of our biweekly paper for grammar and content errors alongside my fellow journalists. We email our suggested edits to the appropriate editor and proofread our own articles again.

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