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Published: January 27, 2017 2 0 1K
By: Lauren Carr, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Web Design
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What is TEDxCSUSM?

Generation Y, Generation Me, The Peter Pan Generation, Echo Boomers… Millennials. These are some of the labels given to our generation. These labels bear many assumptions and stereotypes (both positive and negative) about our entire generation: sheltered, materialistic, cynical, lazy… and on the other hand: creative, communal, tech savvy… The largest association with millennials, however, is change. As a unit, we have truly begun to make a remarkable impact on society in fields such as tolerance, diversity and technology.

We have created a more connected and advanced world and yet many of its inhabitants continue to be poverty stricken. Our carbon footprint and sheer numbers have begun to take their toll on the environment. Food and water resources are being depleted, species becoming extinct.

TEDxCSUSM inquires as to how our generation can responsibly navigate the challenges of power. We have come of age to make choices not just for ourselves, but choices that will impact generations to come and humankind as a whole. It is now our turn to use our creative thinking to solve the many challenges we face, to strive for sustainability, and to build more connected communities.


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