Suenos y Realidad
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Suenos y Realidad

Suenos y Realidad


Published: April 20, 2015 2 0 8.2K
By: Maria Katrina Alameda, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Writing
Hashtags: #Acting #backofthehouse #bloomingdales #illegal #Immigration #playwriting #socialtheater #Spanish #Theater #theaterforscoialchange

The play "Suenos y Realidad" (Dreams and Reality) was performed on December 7, 2012. As part of an Honors Spanish project for O.T.E.L.E. (Obras de Teatro en Espanol Como Lengua Extranjera/Works of theater in Spanish as a Foreign Language) at San Diego Mesa College.

This four act play was written, co-directed, and acted by O.T.E.L.E. students.

I wrote and acted as Esperanza in "La Trastienda" (Back of the House) . This act covered issues of immigration, and employment for restaurant workers.

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