Students weekly current event discussion
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Students weekly current event discussion

Students weekly current event discussion

  • Group discussion on current event observation notes


Published: March 22, 2016 0 0 1.1K
By: Peter Jansen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Leadership
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Each Friday a few students are chosen to be monitors for a 30 minute group discussion on an article that they chose. The other remaining students get to choose any of the articles that catches their interest that the monitors chose. The monitor prepare questions for the 8-10 students involved in their debate. In the debate I observed, the chosen article was from article "Apple case exposes ongoing Government rift over encryption policy". The goal of the discussion is to give students the opportunity to express their opinions on their stance on current issues. The discussion also teaches the students to respect their peers personal opinions and views if they are different from their stance on the issue.