Senior Experience - Moneyman
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Senior Experience - Moneyman

Senior Experience - Moneyman


Published: December 18, 2019 0 0 657
By: Quang Nguyen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Business
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This page showcase only 1 out of 5 different deliverable delivered to our sponsor.

Project "Moneyman" was sponsored by Dimitris P. Magemeneas. Professor Magemeneas started of his early career as an engineer. He later become a wealth manager and a finance professor at Cal State San Marcos.

Professor Magemeneas took on the alias Moneyman, a nickname given to him by his colleagues and clients for being the man who helps people manage their money. As Moneyman, professor Magemeneas started writing "The 5 P's of Money Management". This book aimed to become an affordable tool for everyone to learn about managing their money smarter.

We formed a cross-functional 5-member team to tackle 5 deliverable requirements presented by Moneyman.

1. Prepare a trade show booth to showcase the team's work and inform visitors about the book launch. (Victor Hernandez).

2. Research and inform the sponsor of a most appropriate venue to host free workshops in 2020. (Elijah Shoesmith - Team lead)

3. Design and implement a website. (Quang Nguyen - self)
The website serves the following purposes:
_ Introduce author.
_ Introduce book.
_ Allow visitors to download free worksheets accompany the book.
_ Inform visitors of upcoming free workshops.
_ Allow visitors to subscribe to newsletter from Moneyman.
_ Buy the book.
The website can be visited at:

4. Create two promotional videos for the book. (Rodrigo De Paz)

5. Build a Mailchimp marketing email database and design promotional emails to be sent out. (Rigoberto Hernandez)

Tagged Teammates:

  • Elijah Shoesmith
  • Rigoberto Hernandez
  • Rodrigo De Paz
  • Victor Hernandez