Senior Experience - Bus 444
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Senior Experience - Bus 444

Senior Experience - Bus 444


Published: September 20, 2018 0 0 384
By: Jennifer Deddeh, California State University San Marcos
Category: Business
Hashtags: #Business #Leadership #Management #Marketing #Research #Strategy #Teamwork

The goal of the course was to demonstrate the skills I've acquired throughout my education as well as prepare me and other students for the working world.

I was assigned a team and together we worked on real-world projects submitted by local businesses and organizations. The business we were given was ItsPayd. We were required to do research and create/ provide a case study for the company so that they could use it as a marketing tool for future clients.

The course consisted of the following activities: review of problem identification, primary and secondary research, problem solving, critical thinking, consultation, project management, managing group dynamics, and strategies for team effectiveness.