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SDLC Deliverable's: & AGILE Deliverable's:

SDLC Deliverable's: & AGILE Deliverable's:


Published: January 5, 2017 0 0 995
By: Shawn Barnes, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Business
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Ravinia Hotel (CRM) Customer Really Matters Implementation

SDLC: WBS, Guestimate, Gantt, and AON
AGILE: Story Board with Points and Burndown Chart


Work Breakdown Structure

Brief Overview

This is an overview of our Installation phase in San Diego. It is the first and most important phase that we will be completing. This phase sets the boundaries and lies out as an example for the rest of the installations across the United States. This phase has two milestones in the installation part, one in the testing part (2.0) and two in the transfer of data phase (3.0). These milestones are very important to reach and complete successfully because they allow us to continue with our other work packages. (This is a WBS for the installations, testing, training, transferring of data and competition of our Ravina locations in America.

Gantt Chart

Brief Overview

The Ravina Hotel composed a Gantt Chart for the implementation of the CRM. The Gantt Chart shows that this project will begin on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, with the initial activity of purchasing equipment for the CRM application to December 6, 2016, with the final activity of ensuring that the training of the Ravina IT staff is in compliance with regulations in place at the Ravina. The purpose of a Gantt Chart is to evaluate the project’s progress over time. The Activity on the Nodes are the tasks that need to be completed within a specific time in a logical sequence. The Gantt Chart show these activities with various durations and shows whether each activity is identified as predecessors, successors, or parallel activity. Predecessors activities are the activities that must be completed before another activity can be started. Whereas successor activities are the activities that must follow a specific activity. And finally, parallel activities are activities that may be worked on concurrently with another activity.


The Activity on Node(AON) Chart and the critical path has been implemented from the Installation phase only. Since the CRM project we are implementing is vigorous, we have made the AON only on the installation of the new hardware. Testing, training and transferring of data go along with the installation phase.


Story Board with Story Points

This is our storyboard to do list for Phase 1 of the Ravinia CRM implementation project. We used Trello as a platform for accessibility and ease of use. Each story has been put in an agile story format and has been rated the appropriate amount of points according to the size of the task. These stories are in chronological order according to the project schedule.

Burndown Chart

Brief Overview

This burndown chart represents the first installation phase implemented in San Diego. In the scope, we have estimated that this installation phase should take around 14 days. The number of sprints that will be involved in the first installation phase will be three. The first sprint would include the installation of the new hardware and training our employees to do so. The second sprint would include testing of the new hardware. The third sprint would conclude the installation phase by importing and transferring new and current data to the new system. Once all the sprints are finished successfully, this phase is done. Based on these sprints, iterations, velocity, and burndown rate we can estimate the time needed to complete this phase. The red line represents the task being completed on time; the black dashed line represents this task being completed earlier than expected and the light blue line represents the task completion being late.



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