Scope Definition, SOW, & Change Control Procedures
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Scope Definition, SOW, & Change Control Procedures

Scope Definition, SOW, & Change Control Procedures


Published: January 3, 2017 0 0 1.2K
By: Shawn Barnes, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Management
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Brief Overview

As you know implementing a real CRM system of our magnitude of over 5000 Hotels in over 100 countries can take over a year or more to achieve. So our team along with Microsoft Experts will be implementing a CRM system in two Phases. The Phase one Installation process will be completed within two weeks with Microsoft. The Phase two installation process will be completed within two months after phase one is completed. Also, our team felt it was important to define what the Ravinia IT team will not do as well as what Microsoft will not do.



Ravina Hotel Corporation has recently approved the implementation of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to support and enhance their customer relationships. In order to provide more timely feedback to prospective clients and improved customer interaction, the CRM will focus on building real-time connectivity and responses. This will create a simplified and more user-friendly approach to providing our guests with the experience they desire. After reviewing three alternatives for a CRM base, Ravina Hotel Corp. believes that Microsoft Dynamics is the platform that will help assist us in enhancing our guest experience. Ravina knows the importance of working with clients and experts to develop solutions to our current technology issues. To accomplish this, Ravina hotel will be seeking expert trainees to assist us in implementing Microsoft Dynamics. These experts will be there to train, assist, install and prepare our IT employees to do the same for all of our branches. Ravina believes that this new CRM will move the company forward to target customer needs better and developing a customized itinerary based on what our guests want.


Brief Overview

The Scope Change Request Form is a proposal to implement a Single-Sign-On feature on the CRM application. Submitting a Scope Change Request Form allows for the Project Team to identify and to keep a record of all requested changes to the project’s scope and is to be submitted before the start of the project. The Scope Change Request Form includes the description of the change, the justification of the change, the listing of the impact on scope, schedule, resources, and the cost. In addition, a scope change procedures are recorded in the scope change log allowing the request to be reviewed and accepted before taking action.

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