Rhetorical Analysis
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Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis


Published: December 10, 2018 0 0 505
By: Ethan Sellona, Cal State San Marcos
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For this assignment, I had to write a four to six page analysis on the essay, "On Dumpster Diving", by Lars Eighner. This was my second major writing assignment of the semester and it is significant to me because this was the most challenging assignment that I have done all semester. This was also the first time I went to the writing center for help. When I went to the writing center, they helped me revise my rough draft and I was able to make small improvements to my final paper. After completing this assignment, I learned that I could always go to the wiring center for new ideas and help on my future writing assignments. Although I waiting till the last minute to finish this analysis, I still managed to turn it on time. Overall, my analyzing and writing skills improved and I learned that I need to manage my time wisely.


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