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Research Assistant at CSUSM

Research Assistant at CSUSM


Published: March 15, 2015 2 0 1.1K
By: Marissalyn Gonzales, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Psychology

I am a research assistant for Dr. Kim Pulvers. In her lab, I gained insight of the research realm. I ran participants, collected data, used physiological equipment, and analyzed data. Through my two and half years of being part of Dr. Pulvers' team, I learned that helping others is not always though therapy, but through learning about different theories that motivates a person's behavior. Later, I assisted in collecting data for a community based study, which switched cigarette users to electronic cigarettes. I became appreciative of the difficulties that can arise with working with the community. Each participant I worked with had various educational levels, diverse backgrounds, and different back stories. That experience taught me how to adapt to demanding situations since some things cannot be read off protocol.

Research Assistant Studies I have been part of:
1. Pain Tolerance Study
-Ran participants through cold pressor task
-applied physiological equipment on participants
-collected saliva sample
2. Ranch Bueno Vista Health Study
- Assisted in data collection on over 300 high school students during a three days
- Helped clean up data
3. Electronic Cigarette Study
-Members from the community who uses cigarettes volunteers to switch to e-cigs
-Assist in running participants
-Collected and treated urine samples with hydrochloric acid.


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