GEW 101 - Ancillary Essay 2 - Falling Short
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GEW 101 - Ancillary Essay 2 - Falling Short

GEW 101 - Ancillary Essay 2 - Falling Short


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 125
By: John Paul Evert, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Writing
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Ancillary Essay 2 was a demonstration of analyzing visual rhetoric. The topic of the essay was still from the movie Persepolis of a young women's journey from war torn Iran to renowned artist in France. This paper was individual but we work shopped the writing in groups. In our group we all would look at one of the group members paper's and critique it. From working with my group I learned about AXES, Assertion, eXample, Explanation, Significance. I apply this to all of my writing now and it has greatly improved. Skills that I learned from this assignment were being able to take constructive criticism well and critical thinking and logical reasoning.


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