Reflection of the Phoenix
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Reflection of the Phoenix

Reflection of the Phoenix


Published: July 16, 2017 0 0 709
By: Christian Williams, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Creative & Performance
Hashtags: #CSU_Student_Showcase_Challenge #feminism

I am a student at CSUSM that enjoys writing poetry in my free time. I submitted this piece to one of my school's organizations, the Gender Equity Center. The purpose was to be used for their first edition of their "Feminist Agenda", a magazine to promote women's rights and equality between genders. Lucky for me, my poem ended up being the first entry readers will see. When others read this (specifically females), I want them to know and understand that their desires, dreams, and goals, don't just disappear when they're no longer a kid. I want them to understand that women deserve equivalent opportunities to men and that their worth is not less than a man's. Both genders deserve to be treated equally and fairly. I want both men and women to know that sexism (and injustice of any kind) should not be tolerated whether towards a female or male. And if societal injustice and corrupted expectations try to burn us down, we must rise up from the ashes like the beautiful phoenixes we all are.


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