PSYC100 - Paper on Videogame Cognitive Corrolation
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PSYC100 - Paper on Videogame Cognitive Corrolation

PSYC100 - Paper on Videogame Cognitive Corrolation


Published: November 8, 2017 0 0 397
By: John Vogel, California State University-San Marcos
Category: Writing
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This paper will go over the causes and correlations between videogames and cognitive abilities with the brain. The hypothesis is that playing videogames will help the brains cognition. Three studies are looked at during the course of it. One study sees how videogames can help increase brain connections and thus change grey and white matter in the brain. Another study says that learning a videogame is similar to learning other physical games, and also that the best way to learn them is in chunks rather than trying to learn it all. The last study dealt with the previously mentioned correlation that being trained at a videogame will help with possible untrained tasks, which didn't have much backing behind that. The conclusion is that while the evidence is slim, the general theory that videogames could cause cognition ability boosts has potential


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