PSYC 230 Method Proposal
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PSYC 230 Method Proposal

PSYC 230 Method Proposal


Published: May 8, 2019 0 0 147
By: Samantha Perez, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Social Sciences

This project is the description of the study my group member and I compsed for our Research Methods in Psychology course. In our study we are trying to see if crimes are portrayed accurately by police reports. The deception given to the participants was that we are trying to measure the public's attitudes towards drug felonies. In doing so we had three groups; a control group that did not receive any background on a criminal case just the police report, the second group received the police report with a positive background story of the criminal and the third group was given the report along with a negative background of the criminal. We are measuring the level of negative judgment using questions that have a likert scale response system.


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