PSCI 100: Critical Book Review
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PSCI 100: Critical Book Review

PSCI 100: Critical Book Review


Published: December 5, 2018 0 0 450
By: Madison Laney, Cal State San Marcos
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This project is my critical book review of the book, The Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward Larson. This purpose of this assignment was to test your knowledge of the book that was assigned to us. This book was about the election of 1900 between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. This was an 8-page paper that included an overview of the book as well as my personal review of the book. This assignment taught me how to critically review writings as well as ideas. This was an individual project, but I was able to contact some peers to help me develop a better understanding of the book. This assignment taught me a lot about the election of 1800 and the scrutiny that took place within it. This was one of America's most intense elections ever. Personally, I enjoyed reading and writing about this book. I have not received my grade for this assignment but I feel like will get a good grade.


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