Presentation showcasing photos of Oceanside Beach
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Presentation showcasing photos of Oceanside Beach

Presentation showcasing photos of Oceanside Beach


Published: March 15, 2019 0 0 703
By: Mekala Lehmunn, California State University-San Marcos
Category: Marine Biology
Hashtags: #barnacles #clams #crabs #Environment #ExplorationActivity #marinebiology #Oceanside #oceansidebeachjetty #Photography #seaanemones

This PowerPoint presentation contains pictures that I took at Oceanside Beach Jetty in April 2018 for my biology class. We had to do something in or near water that we have never done before or have not done for at least seven years, and take a photo of ourselves doing so. I chose to walk along the long rock wall jetty at Oceanside Beach, something I hadn't taken the time to do since 2008 or 2009.

The fun I used to have exploring the rocks and carefully stepping along the makeshift rock path inspired me to return once gain to the jetty. Upon my arrival, I learned that the jetty was home to a myriad of marine life, including small crabs, more clams/barnacles than I could ever count, and even several green sea anemones in the shallow tide pools near the jetty's base.

The only challenge I encountered on this fantastic day was the wind blowing my hair across my face while I tried to take a selfie. Other than that, it was one of the best days i have ever spent at the beach, and that's saying a lot. I never expected to encounter so many creatures, especially the sea anemones in such shallow water! I figured I would be lucky if I saw some birds and maybe a crab, but to find crabs scuttling all over the place and so many clams and barnacles was a real treat. I couldn't stop myself from taking as many photos as I could.

The results of this project were an increased appreciation for the beach and a renewed passion for exploration and marine biology, in which I have always harbored a decided interest. I resolved at once to return to the jetty with my parents (preferably during low tide) and show them how many creatures called the rock wall home.


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