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Portfolium Campus Representative

Portfolium Campus Representative


Published: April 1, 2015 5 1 966
By: Cesarina Lucarelli Thouin, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Serving

I am here to help all California State University, San Marcos students!

If you have any questions or feedbacks about Portfolium, come see me! I'm really easy to talk to so there's nothing to fear :)

I am on campus almost everyday including weekends!

I found out about Portfolium last year (2014) when I was a sophomore at CSUSM and fell in love instantly!

I love that Portfolium allows me to be creative, truthful, and uniquely me while helping me stand out as an undergrad.

It is such a wonderful tool, not only to stand out but also to keep track of all the wonderful things you achieve or will be achieving. There's a wide variety of options to chose from, each a tool to help you be uniquely you!

My goal is to assist you in living your truth in the most OUTSTANDING and UNIQUE way possible!

Let's get that wonderful personality of yours to shine through with Portfolium!



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