PHIL 110 Short Paper
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PHIL 110 Short Paper

PHIL 110 Short Paper


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 724
By: Gabriel Sustal, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Philosophy
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Another paper for my portfolium, this was paper from my midterm in PHIL 110. The assignment entailed a list of prompt and you had to select one of those and complete the topic on it. This assignment was one of my more engaging ones but nonetheless still hard. For my topic, I chose how the NFL was full of criminals because of all their illegal actions from deleting studies that concluded head damage lead to many deaths of either ex or current NFL players. My essay in whole described the multiple reasons why the NFL should be banned and the people who work for the NFL or are in-charge and covered up the whole concussion scandal should be thrown in prison for lying to the public and not revealing actual study and test results. This assignment was by myself but as I did with the GEW 101B paper I asked for help from the professor and some of my peers to assess my word choice, vocabulary, and sentence structure. I happy with my grade on this paper and I feel it was well-deserved being a 50/50. I also feel that my professor in philosophy was the most engaging because of how much I enjoyed the topic and the subjects we went over in class.

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