Mrs Howard's Weekly History Assignment
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Mrs Howard's Weekly History Assignment

Mrs Howard's Weekly History Assignment

  • A sample of a chapters worksheet.
  • The book is written in a way to keep the students engaged and entertained while learning about history.
  • The book gives students a different perspective on history with short jokes in between stories.
  • Students submit their answers online.


Published: May 5, 2016 1 0 836
By: Peter Jansen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Education
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Students in Mrs. Howard's 10th grade class are assigned weekly a chapter from the book "Mental Floss". After reading their assigned chapter the students are given a worksheet with multiple choice and sometime shorthand questions. The shorthand questions give the students an opportunity to use their critical thinking skills. Mrs Howard gives her students a quiz at the end of the week with similar questions that were on the worksheet that they completed.


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