Mrs Howard and Mrs. Clarke's class
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Mrs Howard and Mrs. Clarke's class

Mrs Howard and Mrs. Clarke's class

  • Mrs. Howard's 10th grade humanities Class Model U.N assigned groups/countries
  • 9th grade Model U.N observation notes


Published: May 5, 2016 0 0 862
By: Peter Jansen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Education
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I had the opportunity to observe Mrs Howard's 10th grade humanities class and Mrs. Clarke's 9th grade english/world cultures class.
In both classes they were discussing their upcoming students model U.N assignment. The 10th graders were more experienced with the schools annual model U.N assignment as the majority of the students participated in the event the year before as 9th graders. In Mrs. Clarke's class this was the 9th graders first year participating in the event. They held their own debate in class, and two students who were part of the schools model U.N committee. The two students helped instruct the class with the rules and how to properly speak at a model U.N. They practiced with a fictional debate amongst one another. The students practiced their public speaking skills and how to state their opinion in the appropriate time given. The two students from the Model U.N committee were also given a chance to teach the class through peer to peer teaching.