Model United Nations High Tech High
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Model United Nations High Tech High

Model United Nations High Tech High

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Published: May 5, 2016 1 0 964
By: Peter Jansen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Youth Development
Hashtags: #Education #Internship #Leadership #ModelUN

Students in grades 9th-12th participate in the schools annual Model U.N. Students are assigned a country by the members of the students model U.N committee. They are given two weeks to do their research for their country. Students also are assigned a four page research paper on their country. After completed the writing portion the students come together and debate issues among one another. The head of the students model U.N committee come up with a fictional scenario, and the students try to find a resolution to the given problem. The goal for the assignment is for each student to learn about multiple countries from their own given research, and from other students presentations at the model U.N. Students learn research skills, how to debate amongst one another, how to respect each other opinions even if they have opposing views, writing skills, and most importantly become more open minded to various cultures from around the world.


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