MIS480 - Data Center Migration Planning
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MIS480 - Data Center Migration Planning

MIS480 - Data Center Migration Planning


Published: December 20, 2019 0 0 139
By: Quang Nguyen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Business
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Data Center Migration Plan for Dunder Mifflin Paper Inc, a fictitious company.

** Executive Summary **
Dunder Mifflin Paper Company started a plan to repurpose an existing data center into a multi-function service center. The plan will allow the company to be the first of its kind in the region to offer a wide range of services to its local customers. The new center will be a central hub offering customer service, delivery, paper shredding services, delivery, order processing, and recycling acceptance.

To achieve this goal, the current data center, which is nearly due for replacement and upgrade, needed to be moved or migrated. Management saw this as an opportunity to upgrade current service level of the data center as well as looking for alternative operating strategy to reduce cost.

Two alternatives were analyzed. The first option involves migrating all data to cloud. Therefore, initiate a large change to the company’s data structure for the sake of future growth, simplicity, and cost savings. The second option is moving to a new colocation and purchasing new equipment. This option retains current system structure and reduce introducing knowledge gap.

After analyzing, the first option was recommended by the team. Migrating to cloud ensure that service level stay consistent and can easily be changed according to usage requirements. Estimated annual cost analysis showed that the cloud option is more economically feasible. Legal compliance is simplified by letting the cloud provider taken care of changes needed. And lastly, future scaling of the system and corporate learning will be more simple and cost effective.

** Business Case **
_ Background and problem/opportunity descriptions
_ Measurable Organization Value
_ Alternatives evaluation
_ Metrics
_ Sensitivity Analysis
_ Recommendation
_ Cost Analysis

** Charter **
_ Stakeholder Identification
_ Scope
_ Schedule
_ Budget
_ Quality Requirements
_ Resources Requirements
_ Assumption and Risks
_ Administration (communication, change,management, scope management, quality management)
_ HR plan.

** Artifacts **
_ Work Breakdown Structure
_ Critical Path Analysis
_ Burndown Chart
_ Gantt Chart

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