MIS411 - Rocket Corp Database System
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MIS411 - Rocket Corp Database System

MIS411 - Rocket Corp Database System


Published: December 18, 2019 0 0 198
By: Quang Nguyen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Business
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[This project was chosen as a reference for future iteration of the course]

Database design and implementation project completed to showcase skills and tools learned from MIS411 coursework with a hypothetical business scenario.

Reporting website built with Google Sites and custom codes (html, css, js).
Actual project was temporarily implemented on Google Cloud Services for evaluation.

Hypothetical scenario
• The Rocket Corporation, a faction in the Pokemon world, bought a chain of PokeStore that sell essential items for Pokemon Trainers.
• At the same time, they initiated a membership program. Trainers who participate in this program receive discounts on RocketStore items.
• In return, members must install an app on their PokeGear that send certain information about their adventures to Team Rocket’s Database.
• Our team is tasked to design a basic database system that handle the flow of these information.
• This report demonstrates the basic database design and implementation using two
Database Systems: mariaDB and mongoDB. Intermediate applications, servers, private clouds, and other elements mentioned in design are outside the scope of this project.
• This report demonstrates databases implemented on a localhost network. Migration to cloud report is prepared separately (view website).
• Visit my online report website for an online version of this report that includes
additional project resources.
• mariaDB (relational database) is used as the main data archive for the organization.
• mongoDB (non-relational database) is used to create a highly available source of
unstructured data that are used for high velocity and volume transactions.


Project PDF Report 3.9 MB