MIS 435: Web Applications
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MIS 435: Web Applications

MIS 435: Web Applications


Published: January 5, 2017 0 0 715
By: Shawn Barnes, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Web Development
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Our business proposal, Cum Laude Education, LLC. website is an institution for high school students to prepare them for scholarly exams such as the SAT, ACT, and selected Advanced Placement exams. The ultimate focus is on building skills that will become applicable for all academic testing. Cum Laude Education teaches students real skills in math and language instead of short-term tricks and shortcuts. The Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT, is a standardized assessment test used for college admissions. Up until 2016, the SAT was comprised of three test which includes 52 multiple choice questions in reading with 65 minutes to complete, 58 multiple choice questions in math with 80 minutes to complete, 44 multiple choice questions in writing and literature with 35 minutes to complete, and 50 minutes to complete an essay. The composite score ranged from 600-2400. Since 2016, the SAT has been modified. The changes include no penalties for guessing, the overall score is based on two sections Math and Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing instead of three with the composite score ranging for 400-1600, and the required essay is now optional. The optional essay requires the students to read a passage and build a persuasive argument. Although the essay is optional, attempting the essay is recommended because some college applications require it. Cum Laude Education offers a variety of programs to prepare for testing. This summer 2016, Cum Laude Education is offering three SAT test prep classes, two ACT test prep classes, and five Advanced Placement test prep classes. Learning skills to master the SAT can also be used to take on other standardized tests. Cum Laude Education has developed a website based on the business needs using a master page with sitemap structure, cascading style sheet, forms, validations, database connections, data controls, and log-in controls.

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