Math 101 - Assignment 2- Final Project #2
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Math 101 - Assignment 2- Final Project #2

Math 101 - Assignment 2- Final Project #2


Published: December 12, 2018 0 0 1.3K
By: Anthony Lopez, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Math & Physics
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MATH 101 Reflection

My math 101 project #2 was based on describing a scenario as if we’re explaining it to a friend over winter break and making real life comparison with it as well. It is based of the scenario we choose and I chose calculate probabilities and conditional probabilities of events by enumerating outcomes, using counting arguments, and by using laws of probability. With this I constructed the example of probability and using the example of gambling with playing blackjack and how it had skill of course, but a lot of it is based of probability. This project was individual, but in our math labs we worked as a team to construct the harder project which wasn’t this one it was project #1 and project #2 we did together as well, but was just more of good examples to use or ways to start. Project #2 was more based your encounters with math in real life situations and how you would explain it to your friend if you were going to give a overview of one aspect from math 101 that you found the best outcome from.
Skills I learned were how to construct a mini essay for math and how to explain probability in terms of words and why it is significant in real life situations. Gave me a great overlook over this aspect of probability and how it is more incorporated in our lives more than just games or scenarios having to do with numbers of particular objects or subjects. Given these points regarding probabilities and all of the other scenarios I feel all of these math examples have an important relevance to us in our everyday life whether we intentionally do it or not.