MATH 100-Assignment 1 - Math Professor Lesson © 20
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MATH 100-Assignment 1 - Math Professor Lesson © 20

MATH 100-Assignment 1 - Math Professor Lesson © 20


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 116
By: Kasandra Valadez, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Mathematics
Hashtags: #Math #Mathematics

In this project, I had to create a video presentation where I imagined I would present a lesson plan to students. I decided to focus on the use of long division and decimals because there is different methods to solve long division problems and making sure it is correct. I also explained the importance of decimals, and how misplacing a decimal can cause a problem. This project was used to show that we had understood the topics being thought in class and show that if we were given the opportunity to teach we would do it effectively. I worked on this assignment by myself, which was a bit difficult because I had to organize myself. It was challenging for me to get all the information I needed and then transfer it into a slide where I had to use my creativity to show accurately how to solve the equations. Another challenge for me was editing. I am not really good at editing so I took my time to prepare the video ahead of time so i could work on it and make it look professional. In this assignment, I developed skills such as creativity, math, and communication. I was able to find a creative way to present my topic to a group of students. I thought that video with animations would be the best choice because it would allow me to pause if students had questions and it would give them examples that they could follow. I was able to develop my math skills and show that I can learn something and teach it to others. This project also helped me develop my communication skills, by talking at a proper pace and loudly so that my voice could be heard. I learned how to construct and effective presentation that would help others understand.

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