Library Research Paper and Presentation
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Library Research Paper and Presentation

Library Research Paper and Presentation


Published: December 10, 2018 0 0 495
By: Ethan Sellona, Cal State San Marcos
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For this assignment, we had to get into groups of four and chose an issue that college students face. Each group had to write a four to six page paper and perform a presentation about our research to the class. Our group decided to chose the effects of drugs and alcohol in college students. I like this assignment because I enjoy working in groups and it was easy to write a paper with three other people. Although we all had different writing styles, we still managed to merge all of our ideas together to create a well written paper in the little amount of time we had. I had a funny and reliable group that made this assignment easy to complete and fun to present in class and I would do nothing differently. The skills I improved on were my research and presentation skills.

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