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Japanese to English Translator

Japanese to English Translator


Published: June 4, 2015 1 0 817
By: Ryo Atsuta, California State University San Marcos
Category: Coding
Hashtags: #Algorithms #Cplusplus #Programming

In final project of Theory of Computing Class in CSUSM, we wrote a simple translator in C++, which only scans and parses words, so I planed to add improvement to it. It took me 5 hours to make this translator actually work well. Structure of this translator is similar to that of an actual compiler of programming languages. The compiler converts high-level language to assembly code or to machine code, and it detect syntax and semantic errors by using scanner and parser. Similarly, by using scanner, this translator detects whether a given input is Japanese or not. If not, display an semantic error. If they are Japanese, it in turn parses the given words to check for its grammar. If the grammar is incorrect, it displays a syntax error and it suggests which part of given input is incorrect. If there is no problem, then it translates into English.


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