Imaginary Lemon Co Landing Page
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Imaginary Lemon Co Landing Page

Imaginary Lemon Co Landing Page


Published: June 14, 2019 0 0 353
By: Quang Nguyen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Web Design
Hashtags: #3 #CSS #Html #Web #Webdesign

freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Project #3: Product Landing Page.

Landing Page design for a non-existence company and it's products. The design is based on freeCodeCamp's sample landing page design.

In this project, I continued the process of improving visual and color designs. There are new and improved transition effects for elements on the page as they are hovered upon. The page includes an always-displayed navigation bar on top. There are some visual bugs happen with displays below 400px of width due to fixed width and height elements.

Disclaimer: I do not own any videos or pictures used on this page. They are collected from various internet sources.

View my product landing page.