Half moon watch
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Half moon watch

Half moon watch


Published: May 31, 2017 1 0 455
By: Brandon Hnedak, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Art & Design
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My last year at CSUSM (2016) I designed a half moon watch. My idea was to make a watch that never left marks on your wrist. Initially a 'comfortable' watch. A watch that doesn't leave marks or prints on your wrist after wearing it all day. May people have told me all watches are comfortable. Some of my friends have told me they sacrifice comfort for style. So in example, a big watch that looks nice but is a 2 pound wrist weight. When buying a watch you would never think about how comfortable it is. I thought all round and square watches felt fine until they slid to the end on my wrist towards my hand. This is when I noticed a common discomfort in all my watches. The crown digging into my wrist. I looked online and found this to be a very common problem among watch enthusiasts. So I set out to design my own watch by elimination crown marks on your wrist. (The crown is the stem on the side of the watch that changes the time.)
This all started as a hobby until I told my friends about my watch idea. They have had the same problem and wanted a watch as well. So I chose Kickstarter to fund my project.
I call this half-moon watch the Edge EDGE - Inspired by function, Designed for comfort
Innovative half moon watch


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