Group Critique for student's research project
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Group Critique for student's research project

Group Critique for student's research project

  • Directions for group research projects
  • Example of a groups prototype
  • Example of a groups background and introuction to their assigned topic.
  • Example of a some students postive and negative feedback for a respective groups research project prototype


Published: March 22, 2016 0 0 1.1K
By: Peter Jansen, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Education
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Students are put in groups of 2-4 people to come up with a podcast pod for their chosen current event topics. During their first critique students brought their prototypes for their research projects. Their project are to include a sculpture and their topics day to day social impact on the communities lives. The prototype should also show the impact on the economy and include the current policy, laws, and political views on their issue. In this activity each group gave a 30 second brief background and introduction to their topic. The students then rotated to give positive and negative feedback to each other. The purpose of this activity was for the students to critique each groups prototype to help them construct better ideas in order to create a much better quality project. By getting constructive criticism from their own peers they have a new way of guidance that will improve any errors that they could have missed among their group members. These "warm" and "cool" feedbacks that they received also provides direction that moves students forward in ways of organizing ideas and improve their critical thinking skills.