Green Book ​Seen Through the Eyes of a Soc Major
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Green Book ​Seen Through the Eyes of a Soc Major

Green Book ​Seen Through the Eyes of a Soc Major


Published: July 17, 2019 0 0 124
By: Shelby Ciaverelli, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Sociology
Hashtags: #Bourdieu #doubleconsciousness #DuBois #ResearchAnalysis #SocialConstructs #SocialNorms #socialtheory #SOCIOLOGY

This paper is an analysis of a film by using sociological perspectives and theories. Sociology can be found in every aspect of life, especially media. The 2018 film, Green Book, was viewed and then analyzed to relate sociological theories to the film itself. This film included concepts such as Kimberle Crenshaw’s (1989) intersectionality, Frantz Fanon’s (1952) interpretation of Black Skin White Masks, and the idea of social construction of reality created by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann (1966). W.E.B. Du Bois (1903) and Pierre Bourdieu (1979) are the primary theorists that were analyzed and discussed using specific scenes and characters from the film, ​Green Book ​(2018). The concepts of the color line-veil, double consciousness, habitus, and capitals were most prominent throughout the film and provide further support to the postulation that sociology can be seen in all aspects of life, including film.

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