Graphic Design: Logo, Art, Visual Branding
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Graphic Design: Logo, Art, Visual Branding

Graphic Design: Logo, Art, Visual Branding


Published: February 3, 2018 2 0 814
By: Chun-Chieh Lin, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Art & Design

Visual contents created using software including Adobe Suites: Illustrator, Photoshop, MS PowerPoint, Canva, or Buffer.

Courses include: Marketing, Computer Graphic Art, Personal Branding.

1. Personal Logo Concept (typography and design)
2. Personal Business Card (business design)
3. Personal Report Template (business design)
4. Identity Poster - words that describe me (typography study)
5. Space Ad. 1, 2, & 3 (marketing ad. Concept & Logo Creation)
6. Richengpei Website (graphic design using Adobe Illustrator, UI/UX)
7. Line Sticker Pobi Panda (graphic art, social media marketing)
8. Anastasia Minimalist Poster (graphic design)
9. Halloween Chocolate Package (graphic & concept design)
10. Pop Art Japanese Celebrity (pop art graphic design, color study)
11. Huntress Comic (graphic art, Poser, Adobe PS, Illustrator)
12. Logo Design for e-commerce business (Adobe Illustrator, PS)


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