GEW 101-A - Assignment 7- Argumentative Essay
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GEW 101-A - Assignment 7- Argumentative Essay

GEW 101-A - Assignment 7- Argumentative Essay


Published: December 12, 2018 0 0 677
By: Anthony Lopez, Cal State San Marcos
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GEW 101- A Reflection

This essay was our last essay of the year which was worth a big portion of our grade and basically our final for this this class. It was basically about arguing your point in this essay and what you claim and we had the choice with like 10 different topics and I chose technology addiction. With the section of “Are Companies Intentionally making Technology Addictive”, which I enjoyed displaying ny points on because it is something I am involved or around in everyday with addiction. Especially considering the this day and age with anyone using their phones for just about anything whether it is shopping, entertainment, assistance, socializing, or work. This assignment was individual, but my professor helped us by putting us in groups to get feedback on our essays to help us improve our claims, evidence, and conclusion. Also, my professor gave her own personal feedback on our essays if we wanted it, so we could get a better understanding of what we could do different or make more of a better all around essay. The skills I learned from this assignment was how to brainstorm properly and planning accordingly to give myself time to complete this essay considering the length.
Taught me how to be more effective with info I choose to use as evidence or examples that support my claims or reasoning to why I believe this particular essay. This final essay showed me how to construct my essays better for future big essays lie these or just any write up in general. Prepared a lot more than the past essays because I feel due to the significance of this essay is why I reflected so much off it than past essays or any other related assignments