GEO 101 Persuasive Speech Outline
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GEO 101 Persuasive Speech Outline

GEO 101 Persuasive Speech Outline


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 710
By: Jayson Adrain Bulaoro, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Creative & Performance
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We were all tasked individually to create a speech about a certain topic and we had to come up with a speech that would convince our peers to at least take action. As it was an individual group, I had to research my evidence by myself. It was particularly challenging for me because my topic had only a few worthy articles that I could have used. I would have personally changed my topic because of this to ease the burden of searching and finding a topic that contains more peer reviewed articles. The skills that I needed to complete this task are communication, planning, and researching. Communication is the most important skill for a speech class and I had to rehearse my speech several times in order to get the feel for it and not stutter around specific parts of my speech. It turned out quite well as my professor told me my vocal variety was magnificent. Planning was essential in that I had to arrange my plans to fit my practices and when I would volunteer to go up. Several times I argued whether I should get over it fast and just go first or whether to practice more times in order to get a better grade. I chose the latter. I would have not made it anywhere without my researching skills because my topic was quite rare so I had to delve in dep and put my google skills to the test. With enough time I was able to find the needed amount of articles to support my arguments. Overall, the project was quite difficult because I get anxious when I present in front of a large audience and generally in front of my peers but I managed through and got a good grade.


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