GEL 101- Week 14-  Library Paper
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GEL 101- Week 14- Library Paper

GEL 101- Week 14- Library Paper


Published: December 10, 2018 0 0 211
By: Anahi Miranda, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Education
Hashtags: #College #Education #Project #Research

For my Gel 101 class in a group we needed to research any topic that college students may face, and write a paper about it. A lot of collaboration needed to be done to make this paper strong. We met a lot of times to do research and to write the paper and do the presentation. While doing this project and researching all different types of topics that can be faced by college students was surprising because there is so many problems that can be faced and we aren't even that aware of. We chose to talk about the drugs and alcohol that is faced by college students while doing research about the topic it was very surprising how many students are victims of it and how much it effects their life. With the team I worked I learned a lot about communication anyhow we need to input out ideas to because it can make everything so much more easier.

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