GEL 101: Career Paper
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GEL 101: Career Paper

GEL 101: Career Paper


Published: December 5, 2018 0 0 204
By: Madison Laney, Cal State San Marcos
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This project is my career paper. We were asked to research the future career that we are interested in. In this assingment, there were multiple questions to be answered. Some questions included how much living expeneses would be, what the job is, how much the job pays, and many other questions. We also had to made a presentation for this paper as well. This was an individual assignment, but we had to share in front of class. I learned a lot from this project. I learned that my job doesn't pay a lot but most of the living expenses are paid for. This assignment was very beneficial to me because it allowed me to examine my options. The assingment has taught me how to research several different occupations on the internet as well. I am very proud of this assingmnet because it is very significant to me. I am working towards my future and being able to write about something I enjoy makes me happy. I haven't recieved a grade for this assignment yet, but I feel pretty good about it.


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