GEL 101 Research Project
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GEL 101 Research Project

GEL 101 Research Project


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 496
By: Jayson Adrain Bulaoro, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Creative & Performance
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This project was a research about the problems that students faced regarding transportation. I partnered up with Juan G. and Aivy T. to finish the task. We split up the work regarding the peer reviewed articles. There were quite numerous articles and we each had to read an article to fully understand the meaning and evidence that they have gathered. We each voted what the team should do and I would've personally presented the slides during class instead of a video. The skills that required me to do this research are patience, articulation, and communication. Patience was important because I had to make due with arranging my schedules and have to wait for my team to show up. Articulation is needed because the articles were large and we needed to fine the definite quotes that would adhere to our hypothesis. Also, we often ran among an error because we did not fully read into the message of the author and thus we had to carefully reread the articles again to ensure the right detail has been found. Communication was key to our entire project because we initially did not know each other and thus had to introduce ourselves to one another. We all exchanged information and we adapted to our different schedules to make the plan work. The video we have made and submitted was rehearsed at least three to four times because we decided that some of our lines were lacking that vocal variety. It worked out in the end and we each talked about our problems regarding the research and addressed them as a team.

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