GEL 101 - Assignment: Week 15- Career Paper
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GEL 101 - Assignment: Week 15- Career Paper

GEL 101 - Assignment: Week 15- Career Paper


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 599
By: Kasandra Valadez, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Psychology
Hashtags: #Counseling #MentalHealth #Psychology #Research

This assignment was about finding a career that I was interested in and conducting research of how I would attain it and the expenses. In order to complete this assignment, I had to do research on what was the annual salary, what were the requirements get this profession and plan my career goals. In this assignment, I choose to research a school psychologist because I have always been interested in helping others who have had a hard time in life. I want to hep the youth because it is important for me that they get to see a future and are able to trust someone when they need help. I am proud of this assignment because it allowed me to figure out what I am really passionate about and see that I can make a change for someone. This assignment also helped me realize that attaining this career will be difficult and that I will have to work hard with my patients. Through this assignment I was able to learn that I would be needing certain skills which gave me the ability to start developing those skills. In this assignment I developed skills such as presentation because I was able to effectively communicate what my career was and how it would help the youth. I also developed and are continuing to work on empathy. I realized that becoming a school psychologists requires a lot of strength because the children that I will be helping are going through hard times that have been traumatic to them. I have to be able to understand where they are coming from and give them the support they need to get better.


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