Database (SQL) Project
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Database (SQL) Project

Database (SQL) Project


Published: January 9, 2017 0 0 933
By: Shawn Barnes, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Modeling
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Data model project for a SAT prep institution

ERD designed in Microsoft Visio Notation.

Created Database using Microsoft SQL Server.
Ran reports Querying Database with SQL.

We designed a database information system on a SAT prep institution. SAT prep institution is essentially a business created to help prepare high school students to improve their SAT scores, SAT subject exams, ACT, and the AP exams. “The SAT is comprised of three sections (Critical Reading, Writing, and Math); each earns a maximum of 800 points for a combined total of 2400 points. The average score on the SAT is 1500”. For that reason, the targeted market would be the students who want to have better opportunities in their future when applying to college. Other than SAT prep classes for high schoolers, this institution also offers other courses for students in middle school. They offer after school programs in a subject such as math, English literature, and writing. Also, this institution offers tutoring.

Motivation and Benefits

The database can provide information such as, how effective the institution is by retrieving the test results of the students prior and after completing a course, how satisfied the students are with programs, and how successful the company is (if it is profitable or not).

The users of this database will be the employee and the students:
Employee – to record and input data such as transactions, inventory, student demographics, and grades
The student will have restricted access to this database, but their information will only be available to them.

This database will obtain data of company information, employee information, customer “student” information, product “course” information, transaction “sales” information, and inventory information.
Some constraints would be that a class cannot be established if no one is enrolled in that class. Also, there can't be a grade assigned to a student without a student, but a student can be assigned to multiple grades.

Logging into the database as an employee, they can expect to retrieve data regarding employee information, student information, classes/class schedule, student grades, and transactions/sales, calendars to schedule appointments, and inventory that are in stock. Logging into the database as a student, they can expect to retrieve data regarding classes available, class schedule, classes they’re enrolled into and grades.


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