Cyber Seniors: Benefits of Exercising Documentary
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Cyber Seniors: Benefits of Exercising Documentary

Cyber Seniors: Benefits of Exercising Documentary


Published: January 12, 2018 0 0 259
By: Reignmarc Vincent Labuguen Lariosa, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Film & Television

The goal of the Cyber Senior project is to design a project for my Cyber Senior student regarding technology. A project that will include a better knowledge of the importance and teaching the potential of technology. To spread more specific knowledge to my Cyber Senior student, as a Cyber Senior tutor, I must create a project that will fulfill the importance and teaching the potential of technology with my student. I designed a short documentary regarding my student's occupation at the retirement homes as a certified fitness trainer.

I engaged with my student and my co-interns in order to be successful in the task. I proposed the project idea to my Cyber Senior student by talking about what they love the most about their job. With having a brief knowledge about what my student do, that was my stepping stone into introducing my student to film a short documentary. I got my co-interns involve by asking them and their students to participate in my project's demonstration where I needed volunteers to be a part of my documentary.

With a brief knowledge of filming as a hobby, I wanted to try something out of the box than doing the usual things I do as a hobby, I tried to have a multi-angled shots. Which is somewhat risky because I had never filmed this way. But I still I did, I had two cameras; a Nikon DLSR and a SONY, and two tripods. I made sure the weather conditions were great for filming, fortunately the two days that I had to film, the conditions were sunny and clear which was perfect for any lighting using. I am very relieved that my strategy played along with the odds. It was a well achieved Plan A. It was quite complicated to think this project at first, but having the right habits of mind and critical thinking, I was able to conquer the right habits to do this task step by step.

I can apply the skills of earning this badge on situations that requires team facilitating, tons of patience, and engaging in a collaborative team project. Not just filming in general, but collaborative tasks such as IDPs, POLs, or prototype presentations. A collaborative tasks that requires an end product.

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