Compentecy X: Planning 2
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Compentecy X: Planning 2

Compentecy X: Planning 2


Published: January 17, 2018 0 0 212
By: Reignmarc Vincent Labuguen Lariosa, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Biochemistry

The goal of the Planning 2 badge is to plan an investigation appropriate for a research question and critique experimental designs.

I had a very sharp memory of original photosynthesis lab we did earlier as a class. That was my advantage point of redesigning this specific lab because it is very recent in my memory. The technique and tactic to perform this lab is mastered that modifying the variable would be the least hardest task of redesigning the lab. Second nature memory was used to achieve the goal of this badge.

I succeeded properly in the task because everything I did in the procedure was already done, re-reading the original procedure made me master the techniques I needed to apply with my redesigned procedure. I did not wanna mess with permanent materials such as NaHCO3 solutions because the entire lab dependent on that. I also did not take out any steps from the original, I just added.

I used time management, efficiency, and common sense to be successful on each part of the task. Since the redesigned lab procedures I made was plain and easy to follow. I only had critical thinking to worry about. Because time was not my best friend at the time. For a lab that depends on time (the final step requires time: for disks able to rise from the NaHCO3 solution), I had to be very precise under the given time (1 hour) to successfully finish the lab. Many times, I had to redo the syringe pumping to remove the excess air from the disk leaf because I keep dropping the syringe because I was rushing. I had to calm down and do things calmer at an efficient rate. I had to be calm and be productive at the same time. Because I don't want to ruin my data either by skipping or manipulating the procedures just to finish the lab, that would defeat the purpose goal to answer the research question.

I could really see myself applying the knowledge of the badge in any team building, such as a team activity or any activity that requires facilitating. Being well at time management, efficiency, and common sense at the same time, a structured plan would always work properly. It does matter how well the plan is structured, what matters the most is how you perform your plan with time management, efficiency, and common sense. Those three things is what I learned the most coming off from this badge.