Career Research Paper
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Career Research Paper

Career Research Paper


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 692
By: Gabriel Sustal, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Languages
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This was a paper for my GEL 101 class which involved me research my dream career with a series of questions to view on O*NET online and other services. This paper allowed me to view some questions I've never asked myself about wanted to be an Astrophysicist. Some of these questions were challenging and required quite a bit of research for them, especially those of living cost. This project for my GEL 101 class was that of an individual project. This paper also was assisted with a presentation that was done in class or at home via Zoom, which allows you to record yourself. Even though this was not a group project one of the things I would differently be that of changing the format of my document. It was supposed to be in a paragraph format so I lost a couple of points. I believe that this assignment gave me a greater understanding of my dream job and allowed me to even research more questions than the assignment entailed. I still have more questions to ask at a later date for the job I have always wanted. Some of the skills I learned from this will be researching skills because most of, if not all of the assignment entitled to researching details for the job and living situation for the entailed job. Another skill would have to be communication skills from the presentation I gave in class which had addition info from the essay I researched. I believe that this essay was important in helping understand the duties of Astrophysicist.

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