Blue Ocean Strategy “Origami Car”
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Blue Ocean Strategy “Origami Car”

Blue Ocean Strategy “Origami Car”


Published: January 11, 2017 0 0 1.1K
By: Shawn Barnes, Cal State San Marcos
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Dream Car Design “Origami Car


If one is considering buying a new car and does not know which one to get, a 2016 Origami car is the best fit for both a high school student first-time driver and a mature driver who has more than 30-years experience. It is fun and friendly for kids and adults. People will use it to drive students to school, to work, and to grocery stores from a short to a long distance in their everyday lives. The team believed that the automobile industry had ignored a sector of potential customers who wanted a simple and cute car. The Origami car uses low-cost strategy to satisfy their customers. The Origami car company has been in partnership with Lego Company. Instead of many small pieces of lego that were used in creating the car, the Origami car is very simple and has the minimum amount of lego pieces built in. The design concepts for the Origami car is a compact car and replaces parts easily. Customers can collect as many different parts they can get from Walmart, Target, Toys”R” Us, Lego Land, and Smart and Final.

Make Believe Blue Ocean Strategy Map

1. Generic Strategy: Wide-Low-Cost
· Adults and kids

2. Whatkind of car: Lego Car ( all Lego or just inside?)

· Name: Origami
· Partner with Lego Five main features:
· Video game controller to steer
· Tires are basketballs that can be manually pumped up if need
· Holes around car for airflow (adjustable)
· Custom colors
· Hybrid car that runs AA battery as well as on anything that is oil based and liquefied (Example. margarine)

3. Target Market: Millennials (How would we market)

· Price ($4,500)
· Advertising slogan: “Lego Places” (Similar to Toyota’s Slogan)
· Max Speed 70

4. Macro Environment Trends (PESTEL)

5. Describe three specific skills or resources we would use

· Lego manufactures the car and provides Lego materials
· We make our controller rather than partner with PlayStation or Xbox
· Nike, Wilson, or Spalding will provide us with the basketball tires (defective basketballs)

6. Two features of the organization
· You can bring your car into a Lego service shop (our shop, but we hire Lego experts to service the car)
· We are the know-how and brains of everything (intellectual property)
· We are the engineer brains of the car and how it will work


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