Athletes are more than what meets the eye
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Athletes are more than what meets the eye

Athletes are more than what meets the eye


Published: March 23, 2016 11 0 4.2K
By: Leila Lawson, California State University-San Marcos
Category: Sports & Recreation
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When you are grouped under the label of being an athlete, there is an automatic assumption that you are a ball of muscle, one that generates aggression and competitiveness. Although this can be true, it is a stereotype of athletes. Playing a sport, to me, is considered to be a privilege. It's part of the reason why I developed to become the strong willed person that I am today. Being involved in sports has opened my mind to see myself as more than just a ball of muscle. I am also a team member, a friend, a leader, and an extremely goal oriented person. It is true that being involved in athletics comes with being competitive, its part of the game, but thats not all there is to it, Being a part of a team is almost like having a breathe of fresh air after being stuck in a stuffy room. Having the chance to be around such a variety of personalities is a huge eye opener. We were all different, but we somehow were able to use our differences as an advantage that made our bonds to each other even stronger. Being an athlete is more than just being a ball of aggression and muscle, being an athlete is a being a part of growing up and developing into the people that we are meant to become. Although some athletes find themselves not playing the sport that they love, including me, we still carry on the sport in our hearts. It was such a huge part of our lives and it always will be, whether we continue to play or not.


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