Ancillary #1: What's so Funny?
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Ancillary #1: What's so Funny?

Ancillary #1: What's so Funny?


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 434
By: Gabriel Sustal, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Writing
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This was the first essay in my college writing course: GEW 101B. The objective of the essay was too define what funny means to you. Everyone has a different definition of funny and therefore appeals to everyone differently, this makes your definition of funny different from mine and made this assignment very unique. This essay project was individual but some of it was discussed in class and we as a class had multiple workshops in order to perfect our writing and message that we portray through our writing. I learned quite a lot from this project as it was my first college essay and I did fairly well as my grade was 45/50. Some of the skills I learned from this essay would be that of writing and editing skills, getting my message across and making sure that message stays relevant throughout my writing as a dull message is something no one likes about peoples writings. Being as this was my first college essay I learned a lot of skills going through the writing process as it was completely different from high school. I learned about the due dates from this essay and the progression of writing from day to day. Every day I would come up with something new to add to my writing and this allowed me to complete the assignment in a timely manner that was not stressful. I believe that this assignment was very important to my college learner and will stick with me till graduation as I got a nice grade that I felt I deserved with my effort put into the assignment.

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